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Style is the self-expression of who you are – the inner beauty that is reflected on the outside for all to witness. I believe we are called to STYLE your IDENTITY and this is my passion.

Change is the only constant we face daily and is terrifying if faced alone! Sustainable transformation requires revelation, vulnerability and the will to change. This kind of transformation ushers in renewal flowing from deep within that affects our entire world. 


I lovingly assist people to discover who they are and join them in celebrating this true identity to shine infinitely reflecting their own unique beauty.

I embrace and respect individualism because I believe what makes you different makes you beautiful.

Two major forces in our lives are STYLE and SELF-IMAGE when equilibrium is found, to bring them into unity, the true essence of who we are is released for all to experience.


We are all gifted and made with a divine purpose. One of my gifts is to the ability to recognise hidden “gold” buried deep inside the most vulnerable individuals.

I apply unique tools to gently entice this “gold” to the surface, whilst ferociously protecting its fragility. Once unearthed and discovered, you will get acquainted and will fall in love with “the actual real you”.

Choose vulnerability.


I boldly celebrate your magnificent uniqueness in unashamedly and unapologeticaly.

Join me on this passionate journey of COLOUR, STYLE, FASHION, FAITH, your BRAIN PROFILE, our HOPE and your HEART.

Meet Ronél Botha
Who is the SA IMAGE Academy?

Ronél Botha

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend…… I am relational in every way!

So I often have to field the question of what it is that I “do”…., and to me,  the answer that is truly alive in my heart is simply that I am an “IDENTITY STYLIST”…..

My heart sings when I see ordinary people, just like me, take the bold step to get out of the boat to walk confidently into their called purpose and towards their destiny. I just love the journey of discovering with them who they are made to be and celebrating their uniqueness.

What makes you different makes you beautiful!

Simply a country girl at heart who grew up in a small Free State farming community that found her thing. I studied, fell in love and started a life in the big city and chose to embrace and appreciate the buzz of cosmopolitan life.

I have a strong strategic edge to uniquely Style the Image of each client to be in line with their Identity.   My qualification as an Image Consultant and Stylist through SA Image Academy coupled with my accreditation as a qualified Brain Profile Practitioner allows me to journey with individuals and corporates in aligning them with their natural image and true identity.  

Together we discover and unlock confidence, personality, identity, passion, authority and credibility through the lens of fashion and style.

The SA IMAGE Academy

Training & Accreditation

Ronél trained at and is accredited by The South African Image Academy.

SA Image is one of the most highly regarded and respected image and style consulting training institutes in South Africa with vast experience in the industry.

SA Image is the only South African institute of its kind that is accredited by the AICI  (The Association of Image Consultants International).

Ronél is a proud member of the AICI Cape City Circle in Cape Town.

SA Image strives to create a safe and positive environment where students with a passion for the world of style and fashion are trained, empowered and inspired to reach their goal as a successful style consultant through a holistic approach.

Brain Profiling

NBI® | OWI® – Qualification & Accredition

Ronél is a qualified NBI® & OWI® brain profile practitioner and licensed to use the instruments internationally.

The qualification and accreditation provide the necessary insight, knowledge, skills and techniques to administer the NBI® and OWI® tools for individuals, groups, corporates and teams.

Why is our THINKING PREFERENCE relevant?

We find ourselves in a world that is forever changing and the only constant is the fact that change is inevitable. Challenged daily to adapt to new challenges and bombarded with information that challenges the equilibrium of our preferred thinking often force us into an uncomfortable emotional place. We neglect to dig a bit deeper, to go beyond the surface of our conscious lives and we often choose to ignore what is hidden in the roots not visible to the human eye. The invisible roots are often revealed by our behaviour and choices and our behaviour and choices are determined by our thinking!

If we become mindful of how we think and intentionally conscious and responsive to the thinking preferences of those placed in our space our world view is undeniably affected with enormous interpersonal results.

What is NBI®?

NBI® is a recognised profiling tool developed to measure a person’s thinking preferences (our preferred way of thinking/decision making/creating/applying ourselves whilst in our most natural state).

If we are challenged to operate beyond our preferred thinking preference we are likely to experience a lesser sense of satisfaction with the activity and we might also notice a drop in the levels of our energy, self-confidence, decision making and even our ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Practically this means that if your thinking preference is united with a relative or comparative career / relationship / environment / style / sport / etc…. your output- and energy levels are bound to be higher, more sustainable and you are bound to experience much more fulfilment in a number of areas of your life.

Your NBI® profile will provide you with a relatable, applicable very recognisable reflection of yourself. This reflection will allow you to get to grips with inner conflict, lack of creativity, self-confidence and even fear in the journey to become the best version of yourself.

In most cases, thinking preferences remain constant, but we have witnessed that major trauma, a dramatic change in circumstances or exposure to brand new experiences may be a catalyst to prompt a change in a person’s approach to thinking.

The way we think can be adapted if we are mindful to it and we are able to adopt any mode of thinking. Once we gain awareness of our own thinking preferences coupled with the ability to adapt it to suit our circumstances and we choose to be conscious of the thinking preference of others it leads us to a place of whole-brain thinking.

Whole-brain thinking aids us to become enormously creative and to become a whole-brain thinker provides us with an ultimate edge to field and navigate challenges we are faced with.

We do not use the NBI® to merely measure and assess, we actually apply the instrument with immense care and respect to the individual. This approach provides us with the sacred opportunity to facilitate massive creative and impactful engagement on a social, personal and inter-personal level that leads the individual to a sustainable life of freedom, joy and immense fulfilment.


The general well-being of employees in the workplace is proven to be conducive and critical to the success of the organization. Organisations that are brave enough to venture into this arena, to firstly explore the experiences of individuals, and to progressively remediate the areas of concern, have discovered that the result of this bravery leads to phenomenal results and growth within the organisation.

Negative and disengaged employees who feel devalued and unaligned with the organisation tend to have a destructive impact on the realization of organizational values and limits the potential, productivity and significant impact of the whole organisation.

The instrument is quick to administer with extremely responsive reporting results that plot each of the factors on a graph as positive or negative values. Positive values contribute to the wellness, creativity and sustainability of the environment and negative values will eventually destroy the environment if ignored.

The tool measures and accesses the ten most critical factors that determine the level of Organisational Wellness/Health which affects success, creativity, growth and sustainability within the organisation.

  1. Trust
  2. Learning
  3. Gratification
  4. Language
  5. Ownership
  6. Energy
  7. Change
  8. Interaction
  9. Creativity & Innovation
  10. Communication

Practically the instrument calculates and compares upward and downward shifts in the above ten critical factors within departments, groups, units, branches, etc. on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

An organization that proves to be healthy in all ten measured areas will experience much creativity, will be intuitive to change, will be vibrant and will experience sustainable growth.

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